PE Portfolio Advancement Best Practices You Can’t Afford to Miss

Think about the last time you considered buying a new product featuring technology beyond your expertise for example, the Nest smart thermostat. It promises to deliver benefits like a lower electricity bill and energy conservation. But, you’re not an electrician, a tech expert, or an economist the product’s promises are tough for you to...

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Board Placement Best Practices: How to Build a Better PE-backed Board

Whether you’re hiring a permanent team member or recruiting a new board member, there’s one consistent truth — selecting the wrong person is painful and costly. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average cost of a bad hire equals 30 percent of their first-year salary.  With a board hire, a bad hire equals opportunity cost, a loss in...

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Follow These Sector Thesis Best Practices to Become a Preferred Buyer

The private equity market has changed, and we’re often asked if firms are evolving fast enough to keep up. The answer is different at every firm, but one universal truth stands out — PE firms cannot afford to be just a financial partner, they have to do their homework much earlier in the deal process to win.

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Top Tips for Impactful Investor Due Diligence

For Ken Sipiora, a senior advisor with 39 years’ experience, the best calls with Apex Leaders’ private equity clients have been the ones in which clients know—and can articulate—their end game and any obstacles to getting there.

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Edged out: Where's the Opportunity for Private Equity Buyout Shops?

 It is no secret that competition has ramped up in private equity, as new players—corporations, more private equity firms, and non-traditional investors—have entered the market, making it harder to find qualified targets. Private equity firms alone have grown by leaps and bounds over the last 20 years; around 5,000 firms now operate around the...

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Apex Leaders is One of the Best Places to Work in Idaho

On Thursday, April 14th, 2017, 50 Idaho companies were presented with a “Best Places to Work in Idaho” award. Apex Leaders is proud to announce they’ve made the list yet again!

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5 Overlooked Advisors for Comprehensive Due Diligence

Beyond the C-level executive formerly at a target company, who else should investors tap for a unique perspective?

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How Rolling Back 'Obamacare' Will Impact Behavioral Healthcare.

Changes to The Affordable Care Act (ACA) will have a profound impact on more than 20 million people who found health insurance under this law. Yet of the entire affected healthcare industry, certain sectors, like mental health and substance use,  are facing a different reality under the Trump Administration.

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10 Things to Start, Stop and Keep Doing With Your Advisor Calls

How do you replicate the results of an insightful advisor consultation? 

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We Analyzed Hundreds of Advisor Calls. Here’s What We Learned

Your initial conversation with a PE investor is crucial—it sets the tone for your working relationship and establishes you as a trusted, professional advisor with the expertise they need. 

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